New Physics Puzzler Invites Players To Help Splatts Find 101 Ways To Die (Video)

Vision Games Publishing today announced 101 Ways to Die, the latest game from UK indie developer, Four Door Lemon, is now available for Xbox One and PC and will hit PlayStation® 4 next week, on Tuesday, March 22. The game is priced at £10.99/$14.99/€14.99 on all platforms.

A dark, hilarious physics-based puzzler, 101 Ways to Die casts players as the assistant to the morally corrupt Professor Ernst Splatunfuder, who they must help recreate ‘101 Ways To Die’ – a book full of delightfully gory death recipes.

By utilising a variety of madcap and deadly implements, players must find the most violent and brutal ways to maim, slice, burn, explode, rip and impale lab-created creatures known as Splatts. Whatever you do, don’t let them escape!

Key Features
•Manipulate the environment to kill the Splatts before they escape
•Create mutilation, mayhem and destruction by laying down fiendish combinations of tools
•A series of bone-crunching animations show your creatures being maimed, sliced, burned, exploded, ripped and impaled
•101 delightfully gory death recipes to unlock
•Over 50 blood-soaked levels
“As much twisted enjoyment as we had creating all the death recipes in the game, we think players will have even more fun exploring all the clever ways they can find to kill the hapless Splatts,” said Simon Barratt, Producer at Standfast Interactive. “Professor Splatunfuder’s lab is now open for business—let the killing commence!”