Dodging, a new way of attacking: TailBomb is now released

PingPongFactory released a new arcade game in GooglePlay and AppStore in March 18th.

is a free-to-play mobile game with simple enough system enjoyable for everyone. Yet, it also contains systems for hard players. The game certainly has exceptional features that differentiate itself altogether.

Tailbomb is played inside a round map where enemies are spawned relentlessly. But unlike other shooter games, is not about shooting, it’s about dodging. Simply put, the game is mainly about staying alive as long as possible.

There are several ways to destroy enemies. Otherwise the map would be swarming within a minute. Apparently, main weapon is the tail, line of bombs that explodes upon collision. Because it follows behind the ship, one has maneuver carefully so that the tail is placed in front of the target. This feature is what makes unique. Dodging became somewhat a way of attacking. Game is not just about moving around, but predicting enemy’s movement, and placing the tail with precision.

Other features are added to improve the game, like EventZone, a randomly generated area with various special effects like CapetBomb, BombGuard. Once successfuly taken over, a powerful effect wipes out most enemies off the map. It is designed to aid the player achieve higher score, with a little bit of challenge to

The game is ready with 10 different ships with numerous skills. That’s not all. Player can merge those ships together to make one’s own unique ship. Cards, bought with coin earned during the play, can be combined together, resulting a whole new card with the color, shape, name, and upgraded skills of it’s parent.

Developer of PingPongFactory explained that they “didn’t wanted to be like any other million games out there.” and that they “wanted gamers to enjoy a special visual like that of a Snake, with a smooth colorful line of an endlessly regenerated tail following the ship’s movement.”