Prepare for war as Deck Builder comes to Last Days of Old Earth (Video)

The struggle for survival on a freezing planet is about to get even fiercer! Last Days of Old Earth receives its first major Content Update with the addition of the Deck Builder!

Now players have the chance to build their own decks! Customize armies and forge grand strategies by choosing between tons of heroes and units. This whole new mode allows players to create decks around a specific play-style, then fight enemies in the online multiplayer or single player Skirmish mode.

Players can also import decks from the newly made Last Days of Old Earth official site!

The game is currently in Early Access and the Deck Building update is one of four major updates following the initial launch.

This first major update comes with many bug fixes and tweaks, with the developers – Auroch Digital – working hard behind the scenes to further improve the core game in every aspect.

About This Game

There is no space for defeat. Defeat means death on the battlefield or the end of our search for the last rays of a dying sun. We must escape the bitter, glacial wasted lands of Northwalk and find a new home. A new future.

Last Days of Old Earth is a turn-based strategy game set in a far future world where the sun is dying. The remnants of humanity must migrate once a generation towards the equator where it is still warm enough to sustain life.
Spiritual successor to the cult classic PC game Armageddon Empires, Last Days of Old Earth invites you to become the leader of the human Skywatchers or the robotic Automata, two fundamentally opposed factions. In a hostile environment, where natural resources are almost depleted, you must fight your way to survive for one more turn. With scarcity goes rivalry, and only the law of the wild applies in this icy and desolate world.

Features at Day One of Early Access

• Explore the frost-covered ruins of the far future, discovering settlements and ruined cities, as well as satellites and space stations that have crashed back down to Earth. Discover and exploit resources to build your armies and defeat your opponents.
• Play as the Skywatchers Clan, the last inheritors of the once-great human legacy, or as the mysterious Automata, the robotic sentinels created by a vanished civilization for an unknown purpose – two different factions with very different play-styles.
• Play with powerful pre-selected army deck: tough Northwalk Veteran infantry, ancient Bearcat Landship tanks, the city-sized VN Walker mecha and many more.
• Use terrain to your advantage! Climb hills and mountains to gain increased line of sight, and hide in forests and ruins to shield your forces from attack.
• Fight your opponent’s army in thrilling turn-based battles, where smart tactics and clever deployment can tilt the odds, even against foes with superior numbers.
• Deploy 24 unique heroes to lead your armies with powerful game-twisting special abilities.
• There are special abilities that Heroes and Units have, they allow you to discover the best synergies and tactics that suit your play style.
• A skirmish mode that uses a randomly-generated map system, offering a different theatre of war every single game.
• Challenging but 100% fair AI opponents.
• A rich multiplayer offering, to take the hard-earned skills from single player, into the online arena.

Major planned updates

Deck-Building Update
Full deck-building mode, to select precisely which cards you want to bring to the fight. Tailor decks around your favourite units and heroes, then take on opponents both online and off.

Stealth Update
The introduction of Stealth, which will add sabotage, assassination, and more to the game. Infiltrate enemy bases with new units and heroes to sabotage key facilities and disrupt your opponent’s best-laid plans. Then deploy Sentinel units to uncover the enemy’s own hidden forces.

Air Update
Air Strike, Anti-Air Defence, and Air Recon abilities: new gameplay mechanics and 4 brand new units join the fight, bringing exciting new tactical possibilities!

Story Update
Introducing a full, story-driven, mission-based single player campaign, revealing more about the Skywatchers and their desperate struggle for survival against the Automata.