Don’t Die, Mr. Robot – Bullet hell fruit ’em up for iOS (Video)

Deep in the electro-abyss lives a little robot who loves to eat exploding fruit. He also quite likes staying alive. That’s where you come in…

The cult PS4 & PSVita arcade favourite “Don’t Die, Mr. Robot!” from Infinite State Games is exploding onto iOS on March 24th!

It’s fun, it’s colourful, it’s cute, it’s brutal… and it’s packing what some are calling the best motion controls in an iOS game ever.

Also it’s priced at Tier 2 so cheap enough for everyone to get a bit of DDMR in their lives!

Plus it’s got the legendary soundtrack and hot game modes that made the PS4/PSVita version a player’s favourite:

The brutally addictive Arcade Mode brings arcade glory into your living room with a compulsive death drop into the fruity electro-abyss.

The intense Score Attack mode that gives you two and a half minutes to push the scoring mechanism to its limits, or to die loads and do real badly. It’s up to you!

The misleadingly named Chill Out mode which is far from relaxing at all.

And of course the majestic Remix Mode which gives you 50 missions of mixed up rules and gameplay variations.

Each game mode has GameCenter leaderboards so it’s easy to see if you’re the world’s best peckish robot.

What the press said about Don’t Die Mr Robot PS4/PSVita

‘Exciting and chaotic – 9/10’ –

‘An absolute masterpeice of gaming – 9/10’ –

‘If you are a fan of arcade games it is a must purchase – 9/10’ – Liverpool Sound and Vision.