Nightmares from the Deep: A Hidden Object Adventure Is Now Available on iPad

Few things in this world are as deeply satisfying as a good nautical-themed hidden object adventure! Today, G5 is proud to introduce its new free-to-play game, Nightmares from the Deep®: A Hidden Object Adventure! Prowl the seas around Tortuga and Port Royal in search of hidden objects while completing enthralling quests and dodgy puzzles along the way.

Caribbean pirates from The Society of the Black Spot will stop at nothing to find the Portuguese Fleet’s lost treasure. And now they are hunting for a piece of a map that leads to its location. An orphan named Aimee Duvall doesn’t know it, but she has that very piece in her locket. When a friend of Aimee’s missing father warns her about the danger and offers his help, their head-spinning sea adventure begins. To save the map and help Aimee survive, you’ll need to explore port towns and beaches, locate dungeons and wrecked ships, find and use hidden objects, solve enigmatic puzzles, build your own unique ship and experience all manner of daring adventures!

This initial version already has:
•740 addictive adventures to dive into
•300 intriguing quests to tackle
•38 collections to piece together
•Eight stunning locations and 14 scenes to explore
•Nine challenging mini-games to play
•Hundreds of unique characters and over a dozen powerful Talismans
Plus, there’s much more to come in regular free updates!