Game Insight presents Incredible Heist for iPad – a game that catapults the hidden object genre to hitherto unseen heights

Game Insight, a world leader in the development and publishing of free-to-play games for all major mobile and social platforms, are pleased to announce that their atmospheric and captivating hidden object game Incredible Heist, is now available for iPad on the Apple App Store.

Incredible Heist is a game for players who like living on the edge! A world of daring confidence tricks and hidden secrets from history’s greatest conmen awaits. Search through their hidden caches, open the most intricate locks and solve the hardest puzzles. As you progress through the game you will meet many amazing characters and will be able to put together your own elite team of jet setting hustlers.

Taking the role of an amateur con artist whose mission is to help his mentor steal priceless treasures, players will collect rare items and track down the fragments of the mysterious Cryptexes, the heritage of the ancient and secretive Thieves Guild. Leveraging the best features of the hidden object genre, Incredible Heist delivers fascinating and thought provoking gameplay, a collection of diverse mini-games, wrapped up in stunning graphics.

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