Note Fighter’s Steampunk Music World Reborn Today on iOS and Android (Video)

Independent Polish developer MythicOwl today released its latest project – music-driven steampunk title Note Fighter. The original Note Fighter was discovered and acquired by MythicOwl in August of this year with the intent of reinventing this gem and saving it from mobile marketplace oblivion. This upscaled version of the original note reading simulator holds strong appeal for all music lovers and is now available on the App Store (Freemium) and Google Play (Freemium).

“When we first found Note Fighter on the App Store and Google Play we immediately saw a lot of potential in the unique concept and felt that with a revamp of the gameplay and graphics it could really shine, even in the supersaturated iOS and Android markets”, said MythicOwl CEO Tomasz Mularczyk. “So we bought the IP and are now proud to reintroduce Note Fighter to mobile gamers all over the world”.
Note Fighter turns the players’ phones into a virtual piano, setting them out on a mission to save a steampunk gentleman from a deluge of threatening note bombs. This new version has been updated with improved graphics and sound quality and a lineup of more upbeat songs. The practice mode allows players to slow down the tempo to practice more difficult tracks while they slowly work their way up to full tempo. With three difficulty levels for each track – the easiest providing lots of hints to help with reading the notes and the hardest offering no hints at all – Note Fighter offers something for music and steampunk lovers everywhere, regardless of their skill level.
Featuring classics such as ‘Ode to Joy’, ‘Moonlight Sonata’ and the holiday favorite ‘Jingle Bells’, amongst others, Note Fighter is a great way to practice festive tunes to get the family into the holiday spirit or simply to increase players’ music reading skills in a fun, interactive game experience. Currently there are 3 songs available in freemium version and 12 songs available in premium version for only $1.99/£1.49/€1.99.