Nox Mortis, a randomized VR horror game on Android and iOS

There’s nothing scarier than seeing something right at the edge of your peripheral vision and not being able to move. Paralyzed with fear, you’re powerless to escape … or even fight your way to safety.

Introducing Nox Mortis, a randomized VR horror game that strips control away from players to deliver one supernatural scare after the other. Immerse yourself in a universe of fear through the game’s blood-tinged 3D visuals and fitting soundscape – as you can see in the trailer below.

Experience 20+ unique scares in 360 degrees. Play in 2D – swiping the screen to look around – or take advantage of Google Cardboard and your phone’s gyroscope/accelerometer combo to fully immerse yourself in VR! In either case, take a deep breath and get ready to scream your lungs out. With randomly-selected scares, no playthrough will ever be the same ….


  • 20+ randomized scares take the terror to a whole new level.
  • You’re unable to move … and you sure can’t fight back!
  • Unsettling “red and black” color scheme with extra-spooky sound effects.
  • Play in VR or in 2D: The choice is yours!
  • Accessible to virtually anyone with an iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Google Cardboard supported.

Nox Mortis is available on iOS and Android – but the special “Halloween Edition” of the game won’t be released until October 31. The Nox Mortis “Halloween Edition” will be FREE to download and play.

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