Old-school arena shooter Reflex Arena (Video)

Independent game studio Turbo Pixel is excited to announce that 1990s-style first-person arena shooter Reflex Arena will end its early access period and launch its full release on Wednesday, March 8. This long-awaited official release will be accompanied by a host of new and upgraded content and features.

Reflex Arena is a fast-paced and highly competitive shooter that merges the latest gaming technology with the speed, precision, and freedom of a genre classic. If you sank countless hours into Quake III Arena or Unreal Tournament, Reflex Arena will be a welcome return to that style of lightning-fast, free-flowing twitch gameplay.

After two years in Steam early access, Reflex Arena is currently riding a wave of very positive user feedback from more than a thousand reviews. During this period Turbo Pixel delivered over 30 major updates, expanding the initial release regularly with new features and content.

The official release on March 8 will bring many new features to the game, including:

– Bots: Skilled and adaptable AI-controlled opponents will allow players to learn the basics, train up their skills and play solo.

– Seasons and leaderboards: Competitive season one will begin on March 8 and will include a new competitive points system and championship leaderboard.

– Gameplay rewards: The new competitive points system will allow players to earn points in ranked matches against other players that can be used to purchase items to personalize your character.

These new features and much more will be added to the extensive list already present in the early access game, including smart automatic matchmaking, multiple game modes including team and free-for-all matches, a built-in multiplayer map creator and a fully-featured replay editor.

Turbo Pixel lead programmer Phil Brown said, “Arena shooters were a vital part of what made me love games in the first place—that pure sense of skill vs skill, that blinding speed, and twitch-response gameplay. We felt like this was a style of game that needed to stage a comeback, keeping everything that made those games great but in our own powerful 3D engine and driven by smart online features. It’s a perfect marriage of old-school and cutting-edge, and we couldn’t be prouder of it.”