Organ Quarter, Windows Mixed Reality support added

Outer Brain Studios have released a new update for their VR survival horror adventure ORGAN QUARTER. The title now functions natively with Windows Mixed Reality (MR) headsets, as well as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

This news comes the same week as Organ Quarter broke into the “Very Positive” Steam User Review category (with 98% positive reviews).

Among other improvements, the patch (version 1.04) includes:

  • initial Windows MR support (only trackpad movement supported for now)
  • a new “current ammo” counter
  • click-in only movement option
  • smooth rotation option
  • a couple of new secrets in the game world
  • minor props added to several scenes
  • fixed a bug where players couldn’t properly defeat a mid-game monster
  • other minor tweaks and bug fixes

About Organ Quarter

Organ Quarter is a 4–7 hour VR adventure taking place across a large, nightmarish urban environment. It currently has a 98% User Review average on Steam (a “Very Positive” user response).

It is a homage to the classic survival horror games of the ‘90s: players will fight off enemies in carefully designed encounters, manage their ammunition and resources, and solve puzzles, all while using their map to navigate and unlock the secrets of the city.

The game is designed to leverage hand-tracked and room-scale VR to provide the most intense and unsettling experience possible. Organ Quarter will bring horror into the realm of the intimate. Horror in your personal space, as well as in the world outside.