ORIGIN PC – Genesis, Millennium and L-Class desktops

ORIGIN PC announced the launch of their next-generation GENESIS, MILLENNIUM, and L-Class desktops for gamers, artists, professionals, esports players and tech enthusiasts all over the world. Designed and built from the ground up by ORIGIN PC, the next generation GENESIS, MILLENNIUM, and L-Class desktops now feature an all-new aluminum exterior with tempered glass side panels, tool-less upgradeability, and ORIGIN PC’s patented Variable Mounting technology. Variable Mounting is a breakthrough feature that allows the motherboard to be mounted in 4 different orientations: Standard ATX, Inverted ATX, 90 degrees or Inverted 90 degrees and with no additional modifications needed. With Variable Mounting, you can customize your desktop in a way no other desktop can. Whether you choose a 90-degree motherboard orientation for better air flow and easier access to all of your ports or an Inverted ATX orientation to marvel at your custom ORIGIN CRYOGENIC liquid-cooling blocks, no other desktop in the world gives you this level of customization.

ORIGIN PC also gives customers the ability to convert their MILLENNIUM or L-Class Full Tower into a GENESIS or L-Class Super Tower with an optional super tower expansion kit. With the optional super tower expansion kit, customers can store additional dual 360mm radiators for improved system cooling, or add up to 12 (3.5 inch) or 24 (2.5 inch) storage drives for maximum storage. Customers who purchase a new MILLENNIUM or L-Class Full Tower desktop system can later upgrade to a GENESIS or L-Class Super Tower by simply adding on the expansion kit. ORIGIN PC offers free Lifetime 24/7 U.S. based support and free lifetime labor for any future upgrades.

“ORIGIN PC was created to bring custom PCs back to their roots; when it was all about high-quality components, true customization, bleeding edge high-performance, and the very best technical support,” said Kevin Wasielewski ORIGIN PC CEO and co-founder. “With our next-generation GENESIS, MILLENNIUM and L-Class desktops, we are continuing to do our best to deliver on that promise.”

“We wanted to keep evolving and improving our exclusive desktop cases, so we went back to the drawing board and re-engineered our new cases from top to bottom.” said Richard Cary ORIGIN PC President and co-founder. “The end result is a stunning new look with a new aluminum finish, gorgeous tempered glass side panels, and even more options to customize your desktop to exactly how you want it to look and perform.”

The Next-Generation GENESIS, MILLENNIUM, and L-Class Desktops Feature:

New Streamlined Aluminum Chassis: Designed and built from the ground up by ORIGIN PC, the new GENESIS, MILLENNIUM and L-Class desktops now feature a new aluminum finish for a premium exterior.

Patented Variable Mounting: Choose your preferred motherboard orientation with 4 different options: Standard ATX, Inverted ATX, 90 degrees or Inverted 90 degrees. Whether it’s to achieve more efficient air flow of your graphics cards or to admire the liquid-cooling blocks inside your ORIGIN PC CRYOGENIC liquid-cooled system, variable mounting gives you the option to customize your ORIGIN PC desktop to fit your needs.

Tool-Less Upgradability: Don’t have any spare tools lying around? No problem. The new ORIGIN PC GENESIS, MILLENNIUM and L-Class Desktops feature magnetic side panels and thumbscrews to give you the ability to change your most popular components without the need of any tools.

Customizable and Swappable Tempered Glass or Aluminum Side Panels: Whether you want to have tempered glass side panels on both sides of your desktop to admire the craftsmanship of your ORIGIN PC, or if you choose custom painted aluminum side panels with your desired color or design, the side panels of the GENESIS, MILLENNIUM or L-Class desktops are easily swappable and require no tools to open thanks to the all-new hinge design. The customization possibilities are endless: additional custom side panels can be purchased separately to keep your look fresh.

Multiple PCI Cards in Any Orientation: ORIGIN PC’s GENESIS, MILLENNIUM, and L-Class desktops support any PCI based cards such as graphics cards, capture cards, or PCIe SSDs in any desired orientation.

Interchangeable Aluminum Front Door: Configure your ORIGIN PC desktop to open the front door to the left or right for convenient access to your optical drives, media card reader and all of your bay devices.

Removeable Dust Filter: With the built-in and removeable top dust filter, you can easily keep your ORIGIN PC GENESIS, MILLENNIUM, or L-Class desktop clean by preventing any dust from collecting inside.

Top Panel Cover for Concealing Ports/Buttons: Gain instant access to your power and reset buttons or popular I/O ports such as (2) front mounted USB 3.0 Ports and (1) USB Type C Gen 2.0 ports by easily sliding the top panel cover up or down.

Super Tower Bottom Expansion Kit: Convert your MILLENNIUM or L-Class Full Tower to a GENESIS or L-Class Super Tower with the Super Tower Bottom Expansion allowing space to add dual 360 radiators for increased cooling support or up to 24 (2.5 inch) additional storage drives.

Remote Controlled LED Lighting w/Motherboard RGB support: Customize the beautiful internal LED lights with over 16 colors and 4 effects using ORIGIN PC’s RF remote control. Switch between your case lighting synced with your motherboard or remote control with the push of a button. The iconic ORIGIN PC “O” lights up when the front door is closed and when the door is open that same light is used to illuminate your 5.25” bays. Every GENESIS, MILLENNIUM, or L-Class Desktop can sync with optional motherboard lighting software so you can have universal lighting inside and out.

Free Lifetime 24/7 U.S. Based Support: Every ORIGIN PC comes with industry leading Lifetime 24/7 Support based in the United States. Never outsourced and never reading from a script. Every ORIGIN PC customer has a team of dedicated technicians standing by 24/7 to assist.