Pachinko Slaughterhouse App Store Release

Pachinko Slaughterhouse, A no holds barred look at factory farming in the style of a pachinko machine. Are you up for swiping and tapping your way to riches? My money is on… probably. Available on iOS App Store and free to play. ($1.99 to remove all ads from the game).

About Pachinko Slaughterhouse:
Tap to drop animals into the PACHINKO sorting machine. Use your swipe to help the animals navigate the obstacles in their way. Aim for the sorting bins to deliver your animals and complete your quota each day to keep the money coming in. Fail and well let’s just say Big Farma is too big to let you fail. Use the PACHINKO power-ups such as the Scrambler, or Butcher to help you stay out of debt. Will you keep your morals and be crushed under debt, or will you become morally bankrupt just like Big Farma?


  • Five adorable farm animals each with special abilities.
  • 48 Pachinko style stages
  • Simple to play hard to master
  • Factory farm inspired obstacles
  • Bank breaking power-ups