‘Panzer Tactics HD’ Closed Beta started / Intelligence Report #2 showing Russian heavy machinery

There is a varied range of tanks available in Panzer Tactics HD. With the second “Intelligence Report” proven hardcore strategists and rookies of Panzer Tactics HD today will get useful insights and information about the Russian heavy machinery units that you will lead into battle in the second campaign. The following “Intelligence Report” will provide more useful information about the allied forces and their air combat units.

Panzer Tactics HD lets you experience intense battles in three extensive campaigns with more than 150 units and countless tactical options, offering hours of gaming fun. In 2008, Panzer Tactics for the Nintendo DS won the German Developer Award for the best console game. Panzer Tactics HD offers all the tactical depth and the hard-hitting gameplay of the original with progressive levels of difficulty and three single-player campaigns. Panzer Tactics HD is coming to PC and iOS in Q2 of this year.

The Panzer Tactics HD Closed-Beta has started and will continue until the 1st of May. If you want to participate and get one of the limited keys you can contact us on www.panzertactics.com

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