Sir! I’d Like To Report a Bug! Out now for free on Google Play

Lord Puggington Games, a small indie company comprised of just 3 members, is proud to announce its debut game Sir! I’d Like To Report A Bug! available now for free for Android devices!

Sir! I’d Like To Report A Bug! is a comical 2D platforming game about the most unlikeliest of heroes and his battle to save the world from invading bugs and glitches. Our new hero Reggie, a QA Tester, has recently been helping with the development of some top secret virtual reality hardware which has caused tonnes of bugs and glitches to escape into and ruin his world. With only the power of running away and jumping our new saviour must make his way to and from work trying not to die and reporting the problems with the world that he finds.

The game is themed and styled around old retro games with pixel art visuals and a chip tune soundtrack, it also shares the difficulty of older games making it a challenging mobile experience for all players.

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