Paper Train Rush is out now, on Android

Paper Train Rush made by isTom Games, is finally available wordwide for Android devices! It is FREE of course, so get it from the Google Store now!

It is a game that really puts your reflexes and engine driving skills to the test on crazy roller coaster-like, complex multi railway systems. Be sure to watch out for the various obstacles while finding your way through the wildly sharp turns at the immense pace of the different trains!

Choose a character and the engine you prefer and scrape through the railroads of different continents while collecting insane power ups and mystery boxes filled with great prizes. Make sure you explore all of the continents as they offer diverse challenges, levels to explore and superb trains to get! The magnificent visuals, insane speed and sharp turns make the game an endless fun experience both for the young and old! So, the time is now to drive a runaway train with awesome feats!

Paper Train Rush is out now on Android, available both for mobile phones and tablets, so the time is now to grab it from the Google Store!

Paper Train Rush teaser:

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