Paper Train Rush is out now, on iOS

The newest game of isTom Games, Paper Train Rush, is now available wordwide on iOS and is free to download from the Apple Store!

The game puts you behind the wheel of a runaway train that runs on roller coaster like railways. Its fast pace and sharp turns makes it an immensely fun experience for everyone. Be a beginner or veteran runner player, you will pull of the trickiest stunts sooner or later.

Pick your favorite train, the hero you prefer and stunt your way through the railways of different countries while collecting tons of coins, power ups and treasure boxes. Each country presents its own challenge with completely different levels to explore!

There are tons of different heroes, trains and power ups to get as you play, each of which provide visual or functional twists on how you play the game. The autopilot drives you around many hard obstacles safely, the boxing glove punches through everything and the hypergate battery opens up hidden dimensions. You can even get on the Moon!

Paper Train Rush is out now on iOS, so grab it for free from the Apple Store. If you ever wanted to drive a train with awesome feats, well – now’s the time!

Paper Train Rush teaser:

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