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Pine Village Inc.’s ‘Nyan-Jelly ~ Get & Run’ Now Available to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for Free !

“People with little free time, try our ‘‘Nyan-Jelly ~ Get & Run’ “ said Rica Matsumura, the CEO of Pine Village Inc. . “ We would like people to feel warm and calm from the character. So, we have created our character ‘Nyan-Jelly’; which is Cat + Jelly Fish. They are living on ‘Planet Nyan-Jelly.’ The planet has full of ocean living creatures, and they live happily on the planet. One day, a girl Nyan-Jelly saw a travel guidebook featuring the Earth, where seems to have many interesting spots. So, she decided to go there with her friends. This addictive running app with cute characters is MUST-HAVE for your free time. AND, you will love the characters! Download the free version, and if you like the character, get more adorable characters! “

“Well, WAIT, there is something behind the development of the ‘Nyan-Jelly series’ by us.”

Rica continued. “Pine Village Inc. is a Japanese video game agency coordinating deals between developers and publishers worldwide and serving the position over a decade. While connecting between companies, we found interesting differences between Japanese and Western developers. One of the differences is Japanese developers are more like artists, where Western developers are more like carpenters. Japanese developers drew a concept sheet, but if they find something more interesting than the original concept while development, despite the original concept, the developers will follow their latest interest to finish the game. These changes easily make the schedule vary. In addition, a person in the team who is more influential decides on what the most interesting point is. If the person leaves the team, the team might become unstable, because usually the final picture of the game is ONLY in the person’s brain not on a document. The games sometimes become totally different from the original concept.
However, Western developers are more like carpenters as said before. The developers drew concept sheet off course, and they also have Game Design Documents to follow precisely, so the original concept is not easily vanishes from the game. They add interesting features to the games but keep schedule most of the times. Both developmental methods are great, but DIFFERENT. So, we decides to start an interesting experimental projects with ‘Nyan-Jelly’.

“We have selected couple of developers from Japan and from Western countries. We have asked to develop an app for iOS for each developers. The given situation is; (1) Nyan-Jelly characters from us, (2) the settings behind the characters, (3) the concept of the game, and (4) the developmental situation are the same. Please take a look at ‘Nyan-Jelly ~ Get & Run’ , the first series to be alive on App Store. This was done by a German developer; Immanitas Entertainment. They understand the characters well and the settings. So, they have implemented into a running app. The second version of the Nyan-Jelly will be released prospectively in Q4 2014 will be done by a Japanese developer, which is totally different. Please get used to this ‘Nyan-Jelly ~ Get & Run’ . Later this year, feel the differences of the developer’s project! If you will be able to add ‘in-app purchases, we will be able to continue our experimental projects, thanks ;-)”

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