Ping Pong DX on Android and Facebook Instants

Inspired by the earliest of video games, Ping Pong DX is SinisterSoft’s latest release. The game was created in 4 weeks by Anthony Ball using the open-source Gideros development system.

“Using Gideros allows me to create game code once and publish it to multiple platforms. Whilst coding I can try different techniques and see the results instantly on the target device. The latest version of Gideros also has a built-in profiler which allows be to spot bottlenecks and find ways to optimise them.”

Running at 60hz, Ping Pong DX adds arcade visuals, power-ups, different brick types, a huge variety of level layouts and a modern look. The amazing soundtrack was created by Adrian Cummings, aka Whackatronix/Mutation.

The aim of the game is simple: smash all the different coloured bricks to progress to the next level, capture power-ups to help you in your task.

The game is available now on the Play Store and Facebook Instant Games.