Pixel Heroes – Endless Arcade Runner for iOS and Android

Independent mobile games developer and publisher Eageron® has just unveiled their fourth mobile game: Pixel Heroes – Endless Arcade Runner.

Pixel Heroes – Endless Arcade Runner is an arcade-style Jump and Run in beautiful pixel design. This Auto-Runner is without a doubt one of the most difficult Auto-Runners on the App Stores and is translated smoothly to fit the needs of the mobile market.

The game comes with two different game modes: Story and Survival. While the story mode is level based, the survival mode is endless. In the story mode the player has to reach 100% to unlock the next world. With every world unlocked in the story mode, the endless mode is also unlocked. The ultimate goal of the survival mode is to set a highscore and to fight against others for the top of the leaderboard. In order to achieve this goal the player has to avoid a lot of spikes on his journey through different worlds. The more distance the player travels, the higher his score. The player can collect coins to unlock new unique heroes and use them to restart at checkpoint.

The player can share his highscore via Social Media and show off to this friends. In order to add to the competition aspect the game supports Apple and Google leaderboards.

Pixel Heroes – Endless Arcade Runner is now available for download for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.