Cosmik Block – A Space Endless Runner for Android (Video)

Monstrossity’s first game, Cosmik Block, is a retro inspired space game is coming out on the Play Store as free-to-play (without in-app purchases).

Cosmik Block is a humoristic endless runner game in which you will have creatures from all over the universe without any space suits running across space in a metal platform (which will speed up quickly) trying to avoid voxel-stylized demons! Epic enough? On your way, you will be able to collect coins and catch powerups which bring the scrolling speed down.

The game has simple one-touch (tap) controls, which makes it very easy for anyone to learn, it promises to test your reaction time and it’s packed with beautiful Voxel graphics style. You will start a ninja running through space and you will be able to unlock 5 new mystery characters throughout your gameplay. There is no time limit, so there is no end to it, but it will be a colossal challenge to reach the last speed: the speed of light. There are no annoying ads all over the place and the player will be able to watch videos and earn coins, which will help him in turn to unlock new characters.