Plague Inc. Mutation 10 Preview – The Christmas Update

Get ready to infect the world with happiness this Christmas!

Mutation 10 is a huge new update coming to Plague Inc. and it has a big bag of treats for players.

Most exciting is the new Santa’s Little Helper scenario which turns the normal game on its head and sees players trying to spread happiness and festive cheer in a dark world where governments have banned fun and laughter.

It also adds a Teleportation scenario, improves the human AI, updates the world populations, adds a new ‘Progress’ screen with challenges and much more.

The update is coming soon and to celebrate being Plague Inc. being the 3rd best-selling iPhone game of 2014 – the Santa’s Little Helper scenario will be free to play for everyone over the holidays.


Full Update Features
· Special Christmas Scenario – Infect the World with Happiness! Boring governments have banned holidays, laughter and celebrations. Luckily, the Neurax Worm has teamed up with Santa and is determined to infect the whole world with joy and happiness. Help humanity eat, drink and be merry, send gifts around the world and even recruit Rudolph to give the world its best Christmas ever!
· Teleportation scenario – Highly advanced technology has created the opportunity to travel through a portal and lets people instantly teleport to other countries if they feel threatened. Where will they go?
· New Progress Screen – Just how good at Plague Inc. are you? See your completion % and complete challenges to become a Plague Inc. master!
· Major gameplay update to core disease types following player feedback, particularly Parasite, Prion and the Neurax Worm, as well as upgraded human AI, making life more difficult for any potential world-ending pathogen
· Improved starting country selection, updated the world population and added lots of new Simian Flu achievements
To celebrate Plague Inc. being the 3rd bestselling iPhone game of 2014 – the Santa’s Little Helper scenario will be free to play for everyone over the holidays.

After this, as always, the scenario can be purchased for $0.99 or it can be bought as a pack along with 19 other scenarios for $2.99

The update will be released for free towards the end of December for Plague Inc. on iOS and Android and Plague Inc: Evolved for PC and Mac.

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