Play politics in MEGALO POLIS (Video)

Are you ready to take the 2016 presidential election into your own hands?

Introducing Black Sheep Studio’s real-time strategy game, MEGALO POLIS — launching on Steam next Tuesday, November 1st

In Megalo Polis, your job is to pick one of this year’s presidential candidates — whether they can legally run or not — and jump head first into the campaign trail to “convince” the populace to elect you President of the United States.

Choose between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz, declare yourself a Republican/Democrat, and compete against three opposing candidates. Run across each state and talk to each district about your plans to:

*   Build a great wall
*   Invest in outrageous stimulus packages
*   Bring back jobs no one wants
*   Bet on ludicrous tax reductions

The more far-fetched the promise, the better! You must be diligent, though: The other candidates are out to hinder your chances — and they’ll use every dirty trick in the book.

Each candidate has a special bonus that allows him/her to more easily convert certain segments of the population. But no one is perfect: Hillary Clinton has a harder time convincing voters (trust issues), and Donald Trump doesn’t really appeal to a city full of teachers.

Don’t be afraid to dive into your campaign funds. Harness your inner Frank Underwood and dump money into districts to quickly persuade even the most stubborn of voters. You can also pick one of a variety of cards that grant access to special abilities such as doubling your own funds through money laundering, creating a smear campaign against your opponents, and more. The end always justifies the means in Megalo Polis — so don’t feel bad about using every tool at your disposal.

Take advantage of the special perks granted to you by the two competing parties to further your bid. Republicans earn $5,000 per minute — and Democrats get a higher population conversion rate. Win over each district — then each state — and become the next POTUS!

*   Play as caricatures of real politicians such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Ted Cruz.
*   Race your opponents and garner supporters by any means necessary.
*   Use 20+ special abilities to outsmart and outmaneuver the competition.
*   Influence voters in each class to control districts and disrupt the other candidates.
*   Complete challenges to gain votes in more than 40 states.
*   Break all the rules: You can even play as Obama and run for a third term!

To celebrate the launch, Megalo Polis will go on sale November 1st for only $8.99 — a 10% discount lasting the first full week on Steam. The game is compatible with both Windows and Mac PCs.