Play the stunning 2D platformer SPRYKE today! PC Demo now available (Video)

If you’ve been waiting to experience SPRYKE, now you can. Download URL.

Spryke is a new hardcore platformer currently in development by Australian studio Volnaiskra. Playing as an intriguing “cyberfish,” you can sprint, glide and fly across incredibly detailed environments and face dangerous foes with Spryke’s sheer speed and the always useful “insta-bubble” (see trailer)! Like the best platformers, Spryke’s menagerie of monsters is animated to perfection and tuned to kill on sight.

Featuring tons of parallax scrolling, an alien alphabet inspired by an ancient Slavic Glagolitic script and a thumping electronic soundtrack, Spryke is sure to reawaken your passion for tough-as-nails platformers that don’t skimp on challenge *or* eye candy.

*   Dive into fast-paced platforming action.
*   Explore a lush universe filled with strange creatures and obstacles.
*   Make every moment count — and race for an unbeatable time.
*   Reach your end goal by tackling levels in any order you wish.
*   Discover a wealth of secrets and unlockables.

Spryke is due on PC/Windows in November 2017. Other platforms are being considered — including Mac [available if the associated stretch goal is met], Linux, PS4, and Xbox One.