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NewFort Studios, an indie game development studio focused on delivering rich and rewarding game experiences, today announced the launch of the studio’s first commercial game, Plight. Plight is an immersive puzzle adventure designed to stretch the imagination of players, pushing them to problem solve and think in new ways with every challenge. Currently released for iOS and Android mobile devices with other platforms potentially in the works, Plight is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play for $2.99.

Plight is the work of NewFort Studios, a team of four friends that first met while working together as students of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Game Design and Development program; a program ranked as one of the country’s top game development programs by the Princeton Review.

“After working on our first project together, we realized we really worked well together as a team and collaborated on many subsequent projects throughout our classes,” said James Castle, NewFort’s lead designer. “We all grew up playing and loving games, sharing that passion and a commitment to create innovative and entertaining games to share with other people who love games, so we formed NewFort Studios.”

The result is Plight, a game that’s deceptively simple, with an intuitive play mechanic that guides players as they go, yet deeply challenging in its puzzle design. Plunged into darkness, players must re-energize and light the world to make it inhabitable again. To succeed they will learn to manipulate energy pylons scattered throughout the world using tools and techniques as beam creation, refraction, splitters, teleportation and more through 90 hand-crafted levels. Nine additional ‘secret’ challenges add a deeper layer of game play and replay value, as players work to master completed levels.

Plight Features Include:

· immersive environments and three unique areas to explore;
· 90+ handcrafted levels;
· nine hidden ‘secret’ levels;
· a rating or rewards system that challenges players to master each level, adding replay value;
· new challenges at every turn.

“Our goal with Plight is to inspire people to become better thinkers and explorers through its immersive gameplay; to have fun with Plight’s easy-to-pick-up play mechanics, but be compelled to delve deeper and master it,” continued Castle. “Right now, just starting out, we have the luxury of being able to try a variety of things and really focus on core game design. We hope players will enjoy and find value in the end result.”

Plight is now available for $2.99 for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.