Steamroll: a steampunk adventure and puzzle game has been released! (Video)

After 18 months of development, the indie team at Anticto is proud to announce the release of our first indie game: Steamroll.

“This is a great example of an early access game done right. Steamroll does some unique things, while still being true to the puzzle genre.”
85 – OPN | OverPowered Noobs – PC Gaming by PC Gamers

“Overall, I feel as though Steamroll is a brilliant game. […] This game has so much potential to work its way in amongst the greats of the puzzle genre.”
8/10 – KeenGamer

Link to Steam Store Page

Steamroll is an adventure and puzzle 3D game set in a steampunk world. You are a young engineer in his first day of work and take control of the Scarabeus, the greatest new steam-fuelled vehicle invention, while you try to survive in a crumbling mine and look for a way out. You will have to solve puzzles by shooting steamballs from your vehicle to create ramps, walls, activate triggers, blow things away, and more.

Steamroll is a single-player game featuring 18 unique, beautiful and challenging levels. It works in Windows, Mac and Linux and it contains translations to English, Spanish, Catalan and German. It can be controlled with keyboard and mouse and it also supports gamepads. The game is available in the Steam platform, after being for 5 months in Early Access gathering feedback from the player community while it was being developed.