PocketSheep will seeks new pastures on iOS

Indie developers PinStudios and No Brakes Games are happy to announce a herd of tiny cute sheep has found its way onto iOS platform. Masterfully crafted family game PocketSheep suited for all tastes and ages will be available on the AppStore from January 28th.

PocketSheep is a family/arcade game where players command their sheep on a quest for a greener pastures. Roads to a better life are not easy. Surrounded by deadly cliffs and full of obstacles they need an eager player to follow simple goal — avoid it all and travel with haste. 30 hand drawn levels to enjoy with soothing and relaxing soundtrack make sure you won’t get angry with your sheep. Once finished a level you’ll unlock collectible cards that help to know your sheep better.

Game supports multi touch and it’s up to player to figure out the best tactics. One can simply guide his flock by carefully tapping the screen, while another may employ several fingers and imitate a pack of shepherd dogs (we recommend to bark while doing so)! Just remember, PocketSheep are not usual sheep. They may look cartoonish and tiny but they also have feelings. They like to be herded towards greener future yet they require some personal space and will try to slip away through your fingers when crowded.

PocketSheep is simple and relaxing with several difficulty levels to choose. Easy for casual player audience, while hard is… well hard. The game has special mode that may be used for kids to learn to be patient, multitask, discover new routes and employ new tactics by adding more fingers into play. Child Mode allows parents to tailor the difficulty of the game and disable external links throughout the app so that even the smallest ones can safely enjoy the game.

Lead on, Commander Shepherd ;)!

• 3D touch (iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s plus)
• 30 vibrant hand-drawn levels
• Original relaxing soundtrack
• 3 difficulty levels
• Unique and engaging yet simple gameplay
• 90 cute collectable cards
• Special mode for kids