Pooka: Magic and Mischief out on iOS and Android

Holdbrand and Kiss Ltd. announced that their enchanting open world game Pooka: Magic and Mischief is now available worldwide for iOS and Android. Players are invited to enter the lush mystical realm of Otherworld and create their very own Pooka, a furry companion tasked with saving the world from the infectious Gloom invasion that’s decaying the land.

Guide your unique Pooka in taking the fight to the evil Gloomfang and clearing Otherworld of  his toxic Gloom, an adaptive and ever changing infection that must be regularly cleansed to help the flora and fauna thrive and recover. The dynamic Gloom system will recharge and spread if the game is left alone for long periods of time, meaning that tending to the land and checking in on Otherworld is essential to keeping the Gloom at bay.

Pooka: Magic and Mischief features a Pooka creation system that allows for billions of combinations and styles. With over 180 different parts to collect, players can create and nurture a truly unique creature to traverse the rich and varied planes of Outerworld. Adventure across several huge islands from the lush utopia of Silvermere to the once bustling Hopemore, now silenced by toxic Gloom. A timed rewards chest system is also included in the game, with chests being rewarded after completing special quests.

As well as endless Pooka customisation options and a cornucopia of quests and objectives, players can summon powerful magical guardians and spells that control the elements. Collect all guardians and customise the magic your Pooka can wield, use the ancient Pooka healing spell to cleanse the land of Gloom and use the shapeshifting spell to transform into a squirrel, rabbit or badger to access secret areas and sneak past your enemies.

In Pooka: Magic and Mischief, you’ll never have to adventure alone as you can summon friends into your game, allowing you to combat the Gloom together using asynchronous multiplayer. Take pictures, send gifts and challenge your friends to make a Pooka that matches your own and trade valuable Pooka parts and items for crafting. Add friends from Facebook to your in game friends list, so that you can summon them into your game whenever you need to.

Pooka: Magic and Mischief is now available via App Store and Google Play.