The Poopy Birdies are Back!

Catchy Birdies Released for iOS.

The Poopy Birdies are still trying to poo all over the innocent Clone Kingdom citizens. The clone people have had enough, a few of them have set out to destroy those pesky birds. Equipped only with a spike rack and the occasional bullet, the clone people must kill as many Poopy Birdies as possible. Take control of five special clones [Red, Green, Princess, Servant, and Turtle] and make sure those birdies get what’s coming to them.

Quick game overview:
– Drag to run left and right
– Catch the Birdies with your spike rack
– Compete with your friends
– Earn bronze, silver, gold, platinum medals
– Yoshi’s Island inspired artwork
– Watch out for the poo, but grab the bullets

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Catchy Birdies is a followup to the recently released Poppy Birdies, a Flappy Bird style game in which players control the birdies. This time around players take control of the clone people.

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