Powerstone Softworks, LLC has released its first game, “Kuiperoids” for Android Smartphones.

A classic arcade style space shooter in the mold of Asteroids. It’s retro “old school” gaming designed from the ground up for use on touch devices.

As mankind has ventured out into space beyond the Kuiper Belt, we’ve finally found that we’re not alone. These insectoid invaders most certainly do not come in peace! Since these aliens were first encountered in the Kuiper Belt surrounding our solar system, they have come to be known as Kuiperoids. Now man must struggle for supremacy in outer space against these vile alien hordes.

Take on the epic struggle to save the very future of mankind as you battle both asteroids and Kuiperoids!

Completely touch-based arcade action similar to old coin-op shooters
Beautifully rendered space backgrounds
Hectic space dog-fighting action
A limitless casual gaming experience for the whole family
Capture power-ups to survive
Multiple asteroid types
Relentless hordes of aliens
Free forever game that is easy to learn and play
Unending challenge to entertain you in your free time
Compatible with Android devices running ICS (Android 4.0) or later

Powerstone Softworks, LLC is an independent developer of mobile games.


Game trailer:


Game play footage:


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