PS Vita version of Laser Disco Defenders (Video)

Continuing to champion the independent games developer, Excalibur is proud to represent Laser Disco Defenders from Danish game designer Alexander Birke and his team at Out of Bounds. The game is a groovy self-inflicted bullet hell where each shot fired stays in the level, so the more you shoot the harder it gets! First announced in March the PS Vita version of Laser Disco Defenders is moving and grooving towards its release date exclusively on PSN late July 2016 and we have further exciting news about new game zones recently added.

Game description

The game has a strong influence of the disco era. For those of us who have been around for long enough to remember, the outrageous disco costumes of the 70’s also had their nfluence in sci-fi movies – Laser Disco Defenders pays homage to that space, sci-fi and disco union.

In a bid to defeat the evil Lord Monotone’s plan to control the galaxy – and even worse its taste in music, the Laser Disco Defenders must shoot and dodge lasers in a series of randomly generated levels. Each character is reminiscent of the 70’s disco era with flamboyant outfits and suits to strut their stuff in. The player can choose the look and style of their character and then send them off as they battle their way through each level taking care not to be hit by the ricocheting lasers. Thanks to the randomly generated levels no play through is ever the same and the “master of the dance floor” can be viewed on the online leader boards.

The big screen, dual analog sticks and shoulder buttons of the Vita means it is ideal for the controls used in Laser Disco Defenders.

New zone – Dance Den – Square but beware!

The Dance Den is a series of square rooms taking place inside Lord Monotone’s massive flagship The Screeching Solo. Although a square environment should make calculating the trajectory of the lasers easier, the Dance Den features some claustrophobic chokepoints that your enemies will make use of to prevent you entering new rooms. The new zone also features deadly tiles reminiscent of classic disco dance floors. As you get further into the Dance Den the patterns blinks on and off in increasingly complicated patterns so you have to stay on your toes!

Monotone has also bolstered his ranks with new enemy types. One of these is the Trumpet Troopers that if left to their own devices will fill the Dance Den with even more lasers. The Defenders are just a few misplaced shots from a ballistic nightmare from which no one can survive, adjust your aerial positions and make the best use of the square environment and watch your shots wipe out the robotic menace!