Super Simple Soccer offers local multiplayer football on one device (Video)

Motorious Entertainment today announced that the global version of Super Simple Soccer is now available for free on the iOS App Store.

You’ll Never Play Alone with Super Simple Soccer! SSS is easy, fast and fun local multiplayer football game that can be played on one device. Show your opponent who’s the champion with simple one-tap controls and witness their moment of defeat while you are victorious.

Jump to field with a Quick Match, 3 minutes of intense football action and Classic (easy) play mode. Tap your corner of the screen and your player runs to the direction of the arrow and kicks the ball. Press longer and you’ll get a moving arrow showing where you can sprint fast. If you reach the ball, your player will kick it hard.

Feel like a Champion? Try Custom Game and adjust game length and try Advanced game mode that offers even faster pace and more fun for experienced players. You can also tune your country flag and player here.

Super Simple Soccer is currently available on iPhone and iPad with Android versions to follow.

Key features:

– 2 or 4 players can play on one device
– Play Quick Match or Custom Game
– Adjust game length
– Play Easy game or go for Advanced game mode
– Support your favourite country and select your flag – Tune your player character