Dreamrocket announced that it has launched DRAGON LASER, a nifty little app that will make that shiny high tech watch of yours even more desirable, especially during all those lull moments. This new sweet distraction will keep your sanity, or maybe not (in a good way). Easy to pick up, yet challenging to master, it is guaranteed to bring smile to your face each time that little guy springs out and dance after you beat your previous best.

Simple and entertaining gameplay
With taps, you decide when to release the block pieces into the matching slots below. Progress through the fresh and procedurally generated layers of pure unadulterated joy as you strive to trounce your high score.

Perfectly fun and tailored for wearable devices
You can choose to blitz through or take a little more time while you gain your focus to release the ever shifting blocks. Be rewarded with the satisfaction each time you reach a new high and get ready to conquer an ever higher peak. The adorable pixel art of dancing green guy is just a cherry on top of your euphoria.
Don’t be fooled by the seemingly simple visuals. It is carefully crafted and designed to maximize the amusement without overwhelming you with unnecessary eye candy on your wearables.

One of the first wearable apps from Singapore
“This entirely free to play game is a small project done in just a few days while working on a much grander scale and ambitious mobile game,” says Eisaku Fujimoto, Executive Producer in Dreamrocket. “This is Dreamrocket’s first foray to a new frontier that is wearables and highlighting our vision on always embracing new technology. We are glad to say that this game delivers what it was aimed to be and then some more.”

DRAGON LASER is available on Google Play store! The app is compatible with all Android Wear
powered devices.

Visit us online at www.dreamrocket.sg.

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