New Pug Pup, French Bulldog Pup and Go Monster Cases for 2DS and 3DS XL from iMP Gaming

Following on from the 5* rated Animal designs for 3DS XL and 2DS iMP are pleased to announce 3 exciting new case designs for the 3DS XL and 2DS – a cute Pug Pup, a cheeky French Bulldog Pup and the stylish Go Monster designs!
Featuring high quality materials, these great looking cases will no doubt be a hit with any gamer. The new cases store the console providing protection from dust and scratches and include pockets to store up to 6 games for the 2DS version and 3 games for the 3DS XL version. The secure snap stud closure ensures your console stays safe and snug in the case.
The designs have been lovingly embellished with the iMP metal badge and tag for the perfect finishing touch.
These unique iMP designs are sure to be a hit with any gamer.

Appealing to all ages, this high quality case will transport your console in style.
Dean Harvey, iMP Managing Director said “Given the successes of our previous case designs, gamers understand iMP cases are synonymous with high quality. The new dog designs are already a hit with new and current gamers and the Go Monster will be a hit with monster loving gamers out there!
Available for 2DS and 3DS; Pug Pup, French Bulldog Pup and Go Monster! Available now from leading games and online retailers.

Also available in Golden Retriever, Panda Cub, Beagle Pup, Tabby Kitten, Koala Cub and many more!