PUZZLEBOX setup – Upside-Down Puzzle in a Bottle

Hold the Nintendo 3DS upside down.

It is always risky to create something new, but as a game designer who loves Nintendo games I prefer to create something fresh and new instead of building a clone of something else just to get high sales numbers.

So I’m extremely happy that my new game “PUZZLEBOX setup – Upside-Down Puzzle in a Bottle” was that good received by press and even better by players.

I can happily say PUZZLEBOX setup had a great launch.

I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the people out there, who still support new and fresh gameplay – THANK YOU to all loyal Bplus fans and THANK YOU to everyone who supports new, colorful ideas.

PUZZLEBOX setup is now available on eShop in America and Europe for Nintendo 3DS for USD/CAD/EUR 2.99 or GBP 2.69


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