R2Games launches Pirate Empire on Android and iOS

Global games publisher R2Games is proud to present its exciting mobile Pirate Adventure title, Pirate Empire, for iOS & Android. Available for download on September 15th.

In Pirate Empire, you are the captain of a small vessel; build it into a mighty ship fit for a king! Steal and swashbuckle your way to victory by assembling a crew of shipmates, sinking enemy ships for plunder, and being a scoundrel of the seas in general. As you make a name for yourself, famous sailors and pirates may rally under your flag!

Pirate Empire is a 3D simulation adventure game where you will be tasked with managing a crew of pirates aboard your personal ship. Build and upgrade cabins, as well as sailors, making sure to find the right position for each crewmember according to your needs and their skills. Then set sail for the open seas to take on other ships in search of treasure as you progress through the campaign. In addition to the standard features found in most games, Pirate Empire features a variety of side objectives and minigames that could have been full games in their own right. With a dynamic fishing game, a procedurally generated maze challenge, and a deep casino system, Pirate Empire will never leave you stranded.

Following the success of both the English and Latin American releases of Pirate Empire, the game is now making its way to German, French, Turkish and Russian speaking shores, and it will be made available simultaneously on iOS and Android.

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