Treasure Tombs: Ra Deal out now on iOS

Dark Tonic and BulkyPix are announcing the release of the rogue-like puzzle-game Treasure Tombs: Ra Deal on iOS.

A wacky launch trailer can be watched here and a more conventional gameplay trailer there.

Developed by American studio Dark Tonic, Treasure Tombs: Ra Deal invites players to accompany low-budget adventurer Colorado Cajones on a not-so-charming trip to Egypt!

Indeed, Colorado quickly finds himself stuck into a cursed Egyptian tomb haunted by a grumpy undead pharaoh. Fully geared up and equipped with his sacrosanct torchlights, Colorado will have to be cleverly guided out of grid-based levels filled with treacherous traps and mummified foes.

With every new level, the loot will get rarer and the tombs ever more dangerous. Fortunately, Colorado will be able to count on some good ol’ boosters to help him in his escape.

•Plunder a diabolical tomb haunted by a grumpy undead pharaoh
•Dodge boobytraps and conquer tricky puzzles
•Collect ancient artifacts once lost to the ages
•Outsmart undead mummy henchmen (how hard can it be?)
Platform: iOS only
Price: Free

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