Rack-Up on both Apple and Android app stores (Video)

Naked Penguin Boy release mobile game Rack Up, a new take on Qix.
Following up from the success of previous games “Dunky Dough Ball” and “Run the Joint”, London based digital agency Naked Penguin Boy launches mobile game “Rack-Up” on both Apple and Android app stores.

Rack Up is a take on the old Atari arcade classic Qix (pronounced “kicks”) where the objective is to claim a super majority of the playfield. In the original 1981 version the Qix, a stick like entity that would move unpredictably around the playing field destroying you if you came into contact with it.

Rack Up has changed this from one to four “Qix like” aliens, some predictable, some not. They spawn with different personalities and actions including Wall-Crawlers, Bouncers & Block-Eaters, and swipe fast to avoid them and see how many challenging levels you can get through. Combine these with the various Power-Ups and Rack-Up is compelling take on an old classic, where the slightest bit of action will keep you on the edge of your seat in this top new game.

In a nod to Tim Peake, Britain’s first astronaut to do a spacewalk from the ISS, and the British Space Industry, we have set players on a mission to reclaim the grid from aliens after a distress signal is sent out from British Space Station 404 and HMS Rack Up is sent in to battle the invaders.

Rack-Up is a truly unique, addictive puzzle game that is easy to pick up and play, with hours of enjoyment in struggling to get through the levels. Users are scored according to how much of the grid they clear each time, though a minimum of 80%.

“It’s an absorbing game that keeps you on the edge of your seat” says Rob Heasley, Creative Director at Naked Penguin Boy “and the feeling of satisfaction when you first get past level 20 is immense”

How far can you get, before they catch you?

More About Rack Up
Rack-Up a fiendish arcade game, is wonderfully addictive and deceptively difficult. You start off thinking it’s going to be much easier than it is, boldly attempting to claim huge chunks of territory at a time – but the Aliens are a devilish thing who will destroy your hard work and defy your attempts of territory control.

Swipe to move and create blocks to claim 80% control of the available grid and you win – then move on to the next level where the challenge is elevated.

Rack Up – Reclaim the grid!
Distress Signal sent from “British Space Station 404″: “Aliens have taken control of our key space research stations dotted all over the galaxy, show them whose boss and reclaim the grid!”

Send in HMS Rack-Up!
It is HMS Rack-Up’s job to battle the invaders and protect what is ours. When the Distress Signal goes out you will be called to help fight back the swarm of aliens from Wall-Crawlers, to Bouncers to Block-Eaters that are determined to destroy and break down our space stations. There will be Power-Ups along the way that will help you with your mission.

How far can you get before they catch you?

Supported Languages:
English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, LatAm Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, French & Spanish.