‘Super Gopa Dash’, featured in Apple’s “Best New Game” Aus & NZ Aug dashes onto Android® Today

Today, indie developer Play This! Studios is proud to announce the worldwide release of Super Gopa Dash on Android®. Featured by Apple in Aus & NZ in “Best New Game” category when first launched on iOS® recently, Super Gopa Dash is a crazy action puzzle-platform game featuring cute, fun-loving Gopas originating from the outer galaxy.

YouTube™ Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3ELsBv0EwE

Super Gopa Dash challenges you to save Gopas from the exploding sun. Your task is to complete a series of fun and tricky levels, while avoiding all sorts of obstacles, such as force fields, frozen planets, meteor attacks, exploding planets, and of course plenty of aliens. Using intuitive touch controls, flick your Gopas past obstacles to reach the portal in each system. Just don’t forget: Don’t fly off into space, don’t get zapped, don’t hit an asteroid field, don’t crash into UFOs, don’t get burnt to a crisp, don’t touch the aliens, and don’t blow yourself up… but do… have fun!

Super Gopa Dash includes 60 levels spread across three increasingly difficult galaxies. Start by tackling the levels in ‘Cosmic Chaos’ before progressing to ‘Super Nova Spectacular’, to ultimately reach the ‘Nebula Nightmare’. How many Gopas can you save?

Super Gopa Dash includes beautiful cartoonish graphics and an amazing array of obstacles; force field planets, teleporters, shrinking planets, exploding planets, meteor showers, UFO’s, asteroid belts, cosmic bouncers, minefields, frozen planets, burning planets, aliens, giant planets and comets to name but a few. Extra points are awarded for clearing a level quickly and by rescuing all of the Gopas. Watch your mobile come to life as the charming Gopas need help in this family friendly download, suitable to players of all ages and experience levels.