Into The Winds – Zen Flowers – A truly meditative puzzle experience

Unexpect3rd Developments had previously released casual but challenging puzzle games such as Rotapix, a photo rotation puzzler, 7 Pips, a survival style math puzzle game and Singularity – Modern Lights, as titled, it is a modern take on the classic game of Lights Out. Singularity was featured on the Apple App Store as Best New Games during release.

Now Unexpect3rd Developments is offering a new relaxing twist on the puzzle game genre with Into the Winds – Zen Flowers. It is a very simple line-drawing flower matching game with various “Ability Flowers” to unlock that would change how a player plays the game. It has simple missions and daily objectives for the players who are goal oriented. These missions and objectives will earn the player experience points and seeds which will translate into ability upgrades and higher score bonuses.

What truly stands out for Into the Wind – Zen Flowers, is in its name’s sake. The Zen elements infused in the game can be experienced from the meditative soundtrack, to the incredibly animated flowers, to the relaxing and changing background visuals. Each flower in the game is NOT a single sprite as per how most other games’ game objects are. In Into the Wind – Zen Flowers, each flower is generated from a single petal and the stalk. One can observe and appreciate every little movement animated on the flowers and be entranced when each flower disperses its petals into the winds.

Unexpect3rd Development has truly blended a meditative Zen experience with relaxing puzzle in this latest release.

Into the Winds – Zen Flower will be available on the Apple iOS App Store from 26th November 2015

The video app preview for the iPad version can be viewed on Youtube here.