Skull Candy Match, a match-3 puzzler set

Introducing the third game title from FingerPunch Games: Skull Candy Match, a match-3 puzzler set within a skull-themed world.

Join the Skull Candy Match 3 Pirates on their journey through perilous lands, oceans and islands. Navigate your way through the shearing rocks where many pirates have tried, and failed, to pass. Switch, match and collect items through more than 110 levels (more coming) in this fun, Skull-Pirate-Themed adventure.

Skull Candy Match game features:
•Game types: Score, Item Collection, Ingredients Collection, Timed and Ice Breaker games.
•Over 110 Levels and many more to come.
•Skull Candies that Explode and Destroy other Skull Candies.
•Skull Candies that destroy whole lines of Candies horizontally, and vertically.
•Skull Candy Boosters will also help you along your journey, if you’re in a tight squeeze.