Rad Rodgers: World One today, full game launching December 1st 2016 (Video)

Interceptor Entertainment, a young but experienced team of developers, is making it their personal mission to recreate their childhood favorite genre of game; an action-packed scrolling platformer with two lovable characters: twelve year-old Rad Rogers and his console-come-to-life ball busting buddy, Dusty. Dusty is a last generation console with punching power gloves who rides along in Rad’s backpack.

Interceptor believes that this mostly forgotten genre – which ruled for ten strong years beginning in the mid-80’s – is in dire need of a revival using today’s most modern engine, Unreal Engine 4, with all the classic secrets you remember from your childhood!

Frederik Schreiber, Creative Director on Rad Rodgers: “I grew up during the platformer’s glory days, with Mario, Sonic, Megaman, Castlevania, and Earthworm Jim. Back then a new platformer came out every month, each with different fun characters and twists. But now the genre is mostly abandoned, with rare standouts like Braid, and the puzzle-focused Limbo.”

“After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we’ve decided to release Rad Rodgers: World One on Steam Early Access and GOG.com’s Games In Development” said Josh Olin, VP of Publishing at 3D Realms. “We’re calling it Pre-Play. Rather than pre-ordering, you can immediately download and start playing the Rad Rodgers: World One beta upon purchasing it at a discount through Early Access / Games In Development. We’ll be releasing weekly content updates between now and World One’s full launch on December 1st.”

“It was important this style of platformer had the precision controls gamers remember from their childhood. Rad Rodgers just feels right.” said Jacob Østergaard, Lead Designer on Rad Rodgers: “But we also had to ensure it’s not just a modern rehash of old-school platformers, so we’re adding several radical new features never before seen in a platformer, all designed to power-up the fun factor. First off, Rad’s console companion, Dusty, loves to break the fourth wall, talking about the game itself, and to the player! This often confuses Rad, but Rad just thinks Dusty has lost his marbles.”

Additionally, the game is a game within a game, and this Matrix-style structure allows for the concept of the Pixelverse, coding breakdowns within the game that create rips in the space-time fabric of the game world. Only Dusty can enter these damaged game-code areas and fix the primary game world, allowing both Rad and Dusty to continue their adventures.

Rad Rodgers: World One will fully release on December 1st 2016, but you can Pre-Play today on Steam Early Access and GOG.com Games In Development!