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RainbowTail Match & Catch, Award-winning Match-3 RPG game

RainbowTail which has a unique twist on the gameplay which gives a deep strategy behind the simple match 3 element and one that has seen several awards come its way.

RainbowTail stands out on its own in this genre with its deep and unique gameplay and its colourful and charming art with over 300 pets to collect and evolve and with over 400 levels and exclusive special events, IP Events, quests, exclusive Gemlings, and more stories!

The core gameplay has users completing various goals and there are many different objectives to complete and utilising various pets in their team and combinations of these pets that they have raised and evolved that can then be summoned in game by matching 3 or more gems:

With each pet (Which can be evolved and levelled up) having their own attack range pattern, stats and traits which gives for numerous in game strategies.

Play with friends, or make friends with the NPC!

Lend your favorite Gemlings to each other, and get help for difficult levels!
Hundreds of Gemlings to collect and raise

Collect, train, and evolve over 300 different Gemlings! Discover new ones every month.
Story mode with side quests

Experience the main story, plus loads of branching mini chapters. Get to know characters and help them with their troubles!
Compete globally in the Rockobo Arena.

Unlock the tournament area where you can solve your way up an infinite ladder, getting cool prizes and fighting for the top spot!
Get daily presents

Be rewarded for just logging in each day! Free Gems and Gemlings available!
Easy to pick up, surprisingly in-depth.

Just match 3 or more gems to get started. Then, this is where the strategy happens! Which Gemlings will YOU take on your team?
New content regularly added!

Watch out for event quests, exclusive Gemlings, exclusive IP events and more stories!