Red Riding Hood: Match & Catch, a puzzle game for mobile devices

Hey, you! Little Red Riding Hood needs your help! Collect the forest fruits and deliver them to grandma. She will be so happy!

But watch out for the wolf, he’s dangerous ..

‘Red Riding Hood: Match & Catch’ is a brand new and unique puzzle game for mobile devices, developed and published by Go Vuzzle.
It brings popular connect gameplay together with an unique turn-based experience.

More than 100 well designed levels and multiple challenging bonus levels are ready to be played by people from all ages!

Collect the forest fruits, escape from the wolf, chase after butterflies, remove obstacles and many more interesting goals are waiting for you to be reached.
Connect your game via Facebook with your friends and see how they progress on their adventure. Send free gifts to them and request help if you need some!

Start your journey now and go on an magical adventure through the woods. Can you win?

+ Android & iOS
+ Brand New
+ Unique Gameplay
+ Popular Connect Gameplay
+ Turn-based Levels
+ Facebook Integration
+ Cross-platform Leaderboards
+ Multi-language
+ Daily Bonus and Free Gifts