Four Realms coming to Steam Early Access! (Video)

Hugebot!’s new game, Four Realms, is coming to Steam Early Access on June 10th. The game has reached the Beta stage and the developer is seeking both player support and suggestions.

Entering Steam Early Access marks the first time fans will be able to play a complete version of the action-strategy RPG. “I’m excited to put the game into the hands of players, and I can’t wait to hear what inventive ideas they want to see in the game,” says developer, Delvin Mason.

The game will be available on Steam and starting June 10th at 10am PDT. Four Realms will start at a sale price of $7.99. The price will gradually increase throughout Steam Early Access until it reaches the full retail price of $11.99.

The developer has also released a trailer to highlight game play for the Pinocchio Anole, one of the Wardens of Four Realms.

About Four Realms
An unnatural force commands Wild Magic to creep across the land, causing beast to turn on beast. Only a Warden can unite the animal kingdoms and put an end to this menace.

Four Realms is an action-strategy RPG in an animal filled fantasy world. Level up your Warden, customize your Spell List, and raise an army to stop the Wild Magic.

· Customization: Personal spell lists in the spirit of collectible card games.
· Action: A grand adventure with combat, puzzles, and platforming.
· Variety: A large selection of playable characters and spells.
· Replayablility: Semi-randomly generated world with rogue-lite qualities.
· Personalization: Equipment to tailor-make unique Wardens.
· Story: Unique missions and events that create a individual narrative.

“What originally looked like a typical side-scroller eventually turned into something far more unique.”
-Billy D, One Angry Gamer

“Four Realms is both a delight and a surprise.”
-Dann Sullivan, Final Boss Fight