Red Johnson’s Chronicles freemium iOS and Android version.

Players can now play start for free the adventures of the incomparable private detective Red Johnson in a punchy adventure game on iPad/iPhone and Android devices.

After leaving its mark on PS3, XBOX 360, PC, tablets and mobiles iOS and Android, Red Johnson, the smoldering-looking investigator, offer the beginning of his investigation to the adventure games fans.

Microïds takes the player in the city streets of corrupt Metropolis. As the private detective Red Johnson, he will have to help out the police, far too permissive to him, in order to solve the last murder case near the Drownedmen’s Bridge.

The player will have to use his sense of observation and logic to distinguish between the true and the false, by searching every single dark corner of the crime scene and questioning the witnesses.

During the whole adventure, the player shall collect various objects that he will then have to use wisely in the scenery or when facing the different protagonists of the story in order to progress in his quest for truth.

Many puzzles, including several brand new ones since the PC and console versions, punctuate Red’s progress in his investigation. Recreate an Identikit and repair the camera are some of the original sequences required to progress in the adventure.
The entire interface has been redesigned to adapt to the touch screens and the iOS and Android devices. In this edition, the Red Johnson experience has never been this natural!

“Red Johnson’s Chronicles” (freemium) is an adventure game published by Microïds and available since September 03, 2015 on iOS and Android in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

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