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The release of Slot Raiders

We are highly excited to announce the birth of a new franchise together with Clockstone Studios, the creators of the famous Bridge Constructor games, which have exceeded 30 million downloads and topped the charts in over 30 countries on iOS in the past, including all over Europe as well as reaching the #1 position in the US AppStore charts. Today we open the books to a new chapter in this established friend- and partnership with the release of Slot Raiders – a highly polished and unique adventure game blending engaging role playing elements and exciting plots with entertaining slot machine mechanics.

“We have deeply analyzed existing slot machine and casino games on the market”, says Dieter Schoeller, Managing Director of Headup Games, “and see huge opportunities in this field. Slot Raiders is far from gambling, but brings all the enjoyment and fun of slot machines to your device. By bringing such a highly polished game into a market field which is more or less dominated by well executed but rather simple games, we are looking forward to the disruptive effect this game will have. With Bridge Constructor, Clockstone and us have already built a great success story, reaching millions of gamers, so this highly talented studio is of course our first partner of choice when it comes to conquering the F2P market. And most importantly: We want to deliver a game where the player feels rewarded, everywhere and all the time.”

About Slot Raiders
Dive into the greatest treasure hunt of your life! Embark on your journey gathering tons of precious metal and legendary treasures in manifold unique and beautiful themes such as the prime time of the 19th-century Yukon Gold Rush or an underwater adventure in the Caribbean. Choose your theme and start digging by spinning the slots! Each spinning of the slots gives you a new chance to gather your riches, combining them to even bigger treasures and progressing further in the game. Meet Tracky, your little dog helper, and send him off to dig for even more riches and bonuses such as lucky charms, valuable items and puzzle pieces which will ease your hard life as a treasure hunter.

FEATURES•Fresh and highly engaging slot machine gameplay: Follow the story, unlock new claim spots and discover more riches as you dive deeper into the story!
•Search for treasures in a smoothly flowing slot machine-like gameplay and reap instant rewards!
•Send off your dog Tracky to help you on the side and find treasures – even when you are not playing!
•Enjoy fun bonus games for extra wins!
•Solve quests and gather puzzle pieces to complete your collection of unique treasures!
•Archive your finds and gather fame to unlock upgrades, new regions and new settings!
•A wild variety of settings, each with their own set of treasures!
•Instant accessibility anywhere, anytime!
Slot Raiders will be available today on Android and iOS worldwide excl. the Asian region.

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