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Retro Assault: V’Lorn Moon Challenge now available in the iOS app store! (Video)

Prong Game Studios LLC announces the release of the RA Challenge App (Retro Assault: V’Lorn Moon Challenge) now available in the iOS app store! 

Retro Assault: V’Lorn Moon Challenge is an epic single mission challenge demo for their full sized game Retro Assault which will be released in the second quarter of 2017. The RA Challenge lets the player take control of an advanced space fighter with interchangeable weapons and fight against a large intense mission of classic top-down arcade shooter action! The mission features an assortment of enemy fighters, support ships, and large capital class boss ships, creating a gauntlet of doom as you try to reach the end of 20 hard hitting assault waves. Challenge your friends and family by posting up your final results on Facebook or Twitter! The action is hard hitting and relentless as you engage the Alien Armada set on destroying the enslaving the galaxy! Are you up to the challenge?

RETRO ASSAULT: V’Lorn Moon Challenge comes blasting onto iOS with a slew of cool features!

Key Features:
An advanced Space Fighter Chassis: The P.O.D Fighter equip with 4 weapon types.
Interstellar Chaos: A large scale challenge mission, hordes of enemies flooding the screen, Giant Capital Ships armed to the teeth with an assortment of weapon types and configurations.
Interchangeable Weapon Wing System: Set up includes a predetermined weapon configuration for the challenge that is a small sample of what you will have available in the full game where you can build a collection of Weapon Wings that you can add and change on all your Space Fighters to configure the right fighter for the right mission! Each Wing has a different weapon type with 3 tiers of upgradeability. 
Tacticals: One-Off Strategy Modifiers that can be collected and added to the control stick for fast access during combat. The Retro Assault (RA) Challenge mission features a random full set of these tacticals to use. (Collecting is disabled for the Challenge)