“Chief Puzzle Officer” Now Available for iOS and Android Devices (Video)

Build the ultimate MEGACORP and crush rivals companies in this real-time multiplayer puzzle RPG

Matching gems is serious business! DuoFun Studios, a developer and publisher of mobile interactive entertainment, today announced that their real-time multiplayer puzzle RPG, Chief Puzzle Officer is now available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.
In Chief Puzzle Officer, the business-themed flagship title from DuoFun Studios, players can build and customize their very own MEGACORP Guild from the ground up. They can hone their business savvy skills by following a dynamic story across the Campaign mode and can also participate in special events to learn the ropes and rank up (climb that corporate ladder). Establish a powerhouse company board by collecting and upgrading over 100 unique cards in order to gain an edge in battle – then team up with friends to unleash devastatingly awesome puzzle combo attacks in order to take down rival MEGACORP Guilds in real-time multiplayer match-three battles where the winning Guild receives fame, loyalty, and most importantly…LOOT!
The business world is at your fingertips!

Key Features:
4-player Co-Op, PvE Campaign, and Events
Over 100 unique cards to collect and upgrade to enhance the puzzle battle experience
Build, customize, and upgrade the MEGACORP Guild HQ from the ground up for powerful buff effects
3v3 real-time Guild battles
No Energy System and no building timers to hinder continuous play
A robust reinforcement system to play using Guildmate’s decks
Purchase cards from the Guild Card Shop for other Guild members to use
Chief Puzzle Officer is now available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.