Reviving The Falling-Blocks Puzzle Genre: Anode by Kittehface Is out on Steam

Kittehface Software just released their newest puzzle game. Anode is a falling-block style action puzzle game, in the same vein as Tetris, Columns, and Puzzle Fighter. The title is available worldwide for $4.99 on Steam and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Until October 12th, an introductory discount of 25% applies.
About the game: Anode is a fresh take on the genre pioneered by Tetris. It adopts the classic’s basic gameplay principles but introduces a bunch of new, clever mechanics: Players can set up chain reactions, connect different colors into a single chain, complete missions, collect items or play competitively with a friend. The game is quick to learn, easy to play, controller-focused and couch-friendly.

“We love games like Puzzle Fighter and think that this is something of a forgotten genre, nearly driven out by the ubiquitous Match 3 games,” says Jeremy Statz of Kittehface. “With Anode we aim to recapture some of that unique gameplay and add a few wrinkles of our own.”

Watch the video:

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