Talking Booba Returns On Mobile – Crazier Than Ever!

The clumsy and funny Booba will return to phones and tablets worldwide on October 14th, in his brand new “Talking Booba 2” game, available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Introduced in December last year, Booba made kids, teens and parents roll on the floor laughing while enjoying Booba in a special Christmas themed game and by watching him do the most stupid and spectacular things in his own animated series on YouTube.

Up to date, the first “Talking Booba” game has generated more than 2 million downloads across the iOS and Android platforms, while the YouTube series of 7 episodes currently released have been watched more than 6 million times. The episodes have also been broadcasted on TV in Indonesia with an estimated 6 million views.

“We’re exceptionally pleased with the introduction phase of Booba and we’re happy to see so many young kids showing such a huge interest in both the game and the animated series”, says Nikolay Okorokov, executive producer at 3D Sparrow, the animation studio behind the IP, and co-founder of Kedoo, the mobile games publisher of the Talking Booba games.

3D Sparrow and Kedoo are now fully focused on growing the awareness around Booba by bringing more entertainment products to the market. New animated shorts are in the making and the companies are looking to enter new game categories in 2016.

The upcoming “Talking Booba 2” game will feature Booba in a completely new setup with all new animations, introducing new features such as:

– Selfie Mode: Use your camera to take hilarious selfies with Booba and share with friends. 18 different pre-sets with Booba are available from launch.

– Kids Mode: Activates a more kids-friendly environment without in-game advertising and internet connectivity.

The game supports 15 languages from launch, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Turkish and Arabic.

The “Talking Booba 2” trailer video is available at:

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